Dog Walking and Day Care Services in Portsmouth

Dog Walking

Details of my Dog Walking Service in Portsmouth are shown here. Please note that there is always the ability to be flexible with your Dog Walks, so please do contact me to enquire about any special requirements you may have.

All walks are a minimum of one hour in length, and this does not include the time to pick up or drop off your dog(s). I aim to make it great fun for every dog and really play with them and entertain them using a variety of balls and toys. I will always limit my groups to no more than four dogs at a time and keep the same time, same group everyday, so you, your dog (and me!) have the all-important consistency.

I try very hard to match personalities in each dog group and once the group is put together, it is constantly assessed. I always like to give feedback and you can choose to receive it and communicate with me either by text or by phone.

Dogs are transported in my Peugeot Partner van.

What else is included?

Complimentary long-lead walks / basic recall training

If your dog has not been let off the lead before, or is new to the area I will assess him/her and, with your permission, try them on a long 10-metre lead.

This way I can gradually build up their recall skills while having the security of being able to get them back. My aim with every dog is that they become able to play and roam free while they are with me (so they really benefit from the exercise and enjoyment that my walks provide) and return to me when they are called.

Feeding, watering and towelling down is complimentary

For all of the walks I always provide water and towel down your dog at the end of every walk. Most owners prefer their dogs not to bring the park into their home so towelling down on muddy days is a given! I just ask you to leave your dog’s towel by the front door.

Doggy Daycare

I have been awarded a 5 Star Doggy Daycare Licence by Portsmouth Council. This means the following…

  • Portsmouth Council have inspected my home and consider it a great place for your dog to stay
  • I have sufficient space to accommodate dogs, both inside and out
  • there is provision for dogs to have separate eating and sleeping space if required
  • Hygiene standards are high
  • There are emergency procedures in place in the event of my being unable to look after dogs in my care
  • I provide an exercise plan for every dog staying with us
  • In the event of a dog contracting a contagious illness, I have isolation procedures in place to prevent the spread of disease
  • I am licenced to look after up to 6 dogs at a time
Service Cost
One Hour Group Walk £10.00
One Hour Group Walk
(2 dogs from the same household)
Dog Day Care
Leave your dog with me for the day. He/she will receive 2 walks during the day and will not be left alone for more than 15 minutes.
Dog Day Care - Half Day
Leave your dog with me half the day.
He/she will receive 1 walk during the day and will not be left alone for more than 15 minutes.